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Hair Butterflies Lice & Nit Removal

Hair Butterflies is dedicated to providing parents and children with safe and effective means for dealing with head lice and nits. We can achieve our mission by working with communities, concerned parents, and teachers.

Our staff is available for public  speaking and community events. We'll also work closely with school groups to promote "Head Check Awareness Week", "Head Lice Prevention Month", "Halloween Tips", and "Summer Camp Safety".

We only use safe, toxins free, and effective products. We'll work with you and your child's hair strand by strand with love, patience, combing, and nit picking.

Pesticide products can pose harm to your loved one. Please make sure you provide a non-chemical solution for you and your family.

Click here for brochure and be sure to download our resume classes form and critter cards.

Why you should use non-chemical products:

  • Children are vulnerable to harmful effects of pesticides
  • Overuse of lice products can cause adverse reactions
  • Everyone needs a non-chemical way to screen and detect lice safely

Things to remember:

  • Lice is spread through direct head or hair contact with an infested individual
  • You can still be infected with lice no matter your race
  • Lice are human parasites
  • Adults, not just children, catch lice and nits

Same day appointments are guaranteed. Saturday and Sunday appointments are available too.

A great clinic in a salon setting. For more information about us call Hair Butterflies Lice & Nit Removal at 708-524-5423.

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